I wrote this comment about a review in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Ah, Steven, it was Dumbledore, not Ron, who said that line about Harry shaving and as the first line in your review it does not give me a lot of confidence about what you say later. The line is not insignificant: it is part of the weird, out-of-character things that are said or done throughout this version of the 6th book. That’s okay if they are consistent with the universe created to contain all this magic. But it is not consistent and David Yates’ take on this part of the story is so lacking in the grandeur of the books it is sad. The emphasis on snogging and hormones is not to be celebrated but questioned because it doesn’t advance the story to its magnificent end. Everything important is minimized: the search for horcruxes and information about them, Harry’s ambiguity about being “the chosen one,” Dumbledore’s death. The way Dumbledore’s death is treated, you’d think he just went out for a spot of tea at the end. This was a very strange rendition of a very interesting part of the saga. Louise Krasniewicz teaches a course on Harry Potter movies at the University of Pennsylvania and designs and co-ordinates the Penn Museum’s annual Harry Potter day.

Steve Rea’s review that I commented on  is at: http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/movies/20090713_harrypotter.html