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Move over fan boys!!! Comic-Con 2009 is about to open (the preview was tonight) and the most exciting thing so far is the Twilight fan campout. Hundreds of Twilight fans are already camping outside the entrance to the big auditorium that is going to feature a Twilight panel (which will include several of the big stars) tomorrow (Thursday). A few began camping (with tents, sleeping bags, and supplies) at midnight Wednesday morning and by noon they were several dozen campsites. By evening hundreds of people were sprawled out in the line areas, waiting overnight to get into the auditorium. The Twilight session doesn’t actually start until 1:45 on Thursday afternoon so it will be a 24 hour wait for many of them.

The Twilight fans I talked to were delightful and so passionate about the series of books and the first movie (the second comes out in November and clips of it will be shown at the session tomorrow). They are all building a memorable experience. By tomorrow the line is expected to be several thousand people. Another event at a local movie theatre is sold out and fans are camping out there too.

Comic-Con now bills itself as an event looking at the Popular Arts and certainly this group of fans shows how this expanded definition of Comic-Con (beyond comic books) is a very interesting development.