I liked writing this response to an online discussion of Twilight (yes, Twilight: don’t ask!), anthropology, and popular culture that I thought I would also publish it here. You can see the entire discussion here and the context for this response that I wrote:

Open Anthropology Forum

Brienne, Katniss, Catelyn, Tris, Arya, Sansa, Ygritte, Carol, Black Widow, Buffy, Daenerys, and Michonne gather for a pajama party in the Red Keep. Cersei was not invited.

“You are being set up,” Michonne says, and all the other women agree, sharpening their weapons all the time. “Lady Louise,” says Brienne, “the men are using you as a foil,” a good analogy from such a fierce swordswoman. Carol rises, “When I showed ‘spunk,’ Rick sent me on my way, with a car and half tank of gas. They want us to die at the hands of the dead, whether they are dead walkers or dead writers.”

Catelyn passed the chocolates. “I got a bird from Sansa informing me of your battles. This is no longer a battle of wits, it is a game of thrones and they are defending their thrones to the death.” Sansa ate a chocolate covered cherry and added, “My mother walks with the dead now so certainly she knows.” Black Widow looked at her skeptically.

“But that’s not possible,” I say, “you can’t be both dead and alive. At least that is what They say.” Buffy snorts. “Really? tell that to all my dead/alive hunky boyfriends.” And she sticks her knife into a pomegranate. “Is this bleeding? Depends on how you define blood,” as she sucks the thick red juice. Tris nodded.

Ygritte lays back and twirls her spear overhead. “I tell Jon Snow, ‘You know nothing,’ and he never understands what that means. It means that if you wall yourself away from the world like a cold crow, or Levi-Strauss’ ravens, you cannot know what the Small Folk know.”

“Who’s Levi-Strauss?” several of the women ask at once and Arya replies, “He’s an old maester from Winterfell, before it fell. Burned the whole thing down, they did.” Daenerys looked at her but didn’t mention her dragons, at least not yet.

Katniss brings the conversation back to the setup. “They did this same thing to me, promising there would be no more games for me to play, and then they changed the rules. Get out now, get out while you can. Go to the woods, the godswood if you must, refuse to play their games.”

“But they hold the thrones,” I protested, and they all turned to me and slowly grinned. “Yes,” said Tris, “but we made them look.” “And,” added Daenerys, “we made them look the wrong way.”